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Frequently asked questions

1. How do I save a photo from Prion in good resolution to my camera roll?

Tap the button with the download sign below the photo that you want to save and the original file will be saved to your camera roll.

2. How do I add hashtags to a photo?

Write the hashtag sign “#” followed by the word. E.g. #prionapp, then #prionapp is the hashtag.

Add hashtags to a photo when uploading it to the app:

Select the photo you want to upload. Write a hashtag in the text field below the photo then click Save. If you have other hashtags already you can select them from the auto-suggest list or from “My hashtag” list. If it’s a new hashtag, a photo stream is automatically created, you can access it from Hashtags in the main menu at the bottom of the screen.

Add hashtags to a photo already posted in the app:

Click the More button (with three dots) below the photo, select Edit caption or hashtag. You can only edit hashtags or captions to photos you have uploaded yourself.

3. How do I invite someone to a photo stream?

Go to the photo stream that you want to invite someone to (you can access it from Hashtags in the menu at the bottom of the screen). When standing in the photo stream click the green “Add member” button at the top. Choose to send invites through email or sms. Then write a personal message or use the default text and press send.

4. Can I have the same hashtag as someone else on Prion?

Yes no problem. Every hashtag has a unique id-number. Only users that are member of the unique hashtag can use or access it. If you are member of two photo streams with the same hashtag, you can select in which of them you want to share a photo in. If you don’t select any of the hashtags, but write the word by yourself into the text field, it will be posted in both of the photo streams with that hashtag (but that requires that you are a member of two photo stream with exactly the same hashtag).

5. I’ve sent an invitation to a photo stream and the person invited has installed Prion but is still not a member of the stream?

To become a member of a stream you have to be logged in to a Prion account and from the same device click the Open in Prion button on the invite page.

6. I can’t access the camera or my camera roll?

You might need to grant Prion access to your Photos. Go to phone Settings / Integrity / Photos and switch Prion to green.

7. Can I add more than one hashtag to a photo?

You can add several hashtags to one photo. One benefit with the hashtag system is this flexibility. However, everyone in the streams you share to will see all comments on that photo, even though it’s from someone in the other photo stream. So if you want to keep them separated you should post and hashtag them separately.

8. What will happen if a member or admin leaves a photo stream?

If you leave a stream all posts will disappear from your account. Any photos and comments you’ve posted before leaving will still be available to the members left in the stream. However, you can delete these before leaving. Remember to save any photos you’d like to save to you camera roll before leaving the stream.<br>If you are the Admin and leave a stream, the latest member will become new Admin

9. What will happen when I remove a member?

If you are Admin and remove a member, that person will be notified and lose access to any post in that stream, even his/her own posts.

10. Who can edit content in a photo stream?

You can always edit your own posts. You can edit a photo from the More button below the photo (with three dots), choose Delete or Edit caption and hashtag. Delete a comment by entering Comments below the photo and swipe to the left then press Delete. <br> The Admin of a stream can delete both photos and comments posted by anyone in the stream. Admin can’t edit a caption or hashtag. Only the Admin can remove members.

11. Who can invite new members to a photo stream?

Anyone who’s a member of a stream can invite others. Everyone in the stream will be notified of new members and Admin can remove new members.

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